Destiny 2 Patch Notes: The Dawning Update Is Live Now


Destiny 2 Patch Notes: The Dawning Update Is Live Now

Bungie has released new Season of Dawn obelisks (meaning new Sundial bosses and weapons), The Dawning seasonal event, and much more.

Dawning 2022 EASY GUIDE! – Dawning Spirit Farm! – Essence of Dawning Farm! – Big Tips!

Dawning 2022 Guide! Everything you need to know about this new Destiny 2 Event in Season of the Seraph! Tips and Farms to get the new Dawning Weapon God Rolls fast!
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New #Destiny2 video, going over the new Dawning 2022 Event during Season of the Seraph! This is just after the new Destiny 2 Showcase witch officially revealed the new Lightfall Expansion and Year 6 of Destiny 2! The new Witch Queen DLC is here! It provides a new campaign, new weapons, new exotic quests, and so much more! We have the latest witch queen updates and news! Season of the Seraph has launched, with the new Heist Battlegrounds Activity, the Operation Seraph’s Shield Exotic Mission and the updated Deep Stone Crypt Raid! But today we are going over everything you need to know about the Dawning 2022 Event! Essence of Dawning Farm, and Dawning Spirit Farm, to make cookies and get new dawning weapons, such as the new Stay Frosty Pulse rifle!
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Today we Recap ALL of the Upcoming Changes and Updates Bungie will be adding into Destiny 2 during 2023!


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Destiny 2 is Already a Subscription Game

Destiny 2 Subscription Live Service MMO. Lightfall leak about Destiny 2 becoming a subscription game was proven to be false, however did upset the Destiny community for the short time people believed it to be real. But the thing is, Destiny 2 is already a monthly subscription service game.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall Subscription Deluxe Edition

The ENTIRE History of the Destiny Community

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This is the entire history of the Destiny franchise. This is the story of Guardians everywhere. This is our story.
Destiny has changed a LOT since 2008, so today we’re going on a nostalgic journey through the ages to relive the Destiny experience over the years. If you’re a veteran player, this will be a fascinating and nostalgic experience. If you’re a newer player (or a player who took a break), this video will fill you in on what you missed. Since most of this content is no longer playable in the game, it’s important to recognize it and reflect on how we got to where we are today. I hope you enjoy this video, and thank you so much for watching. Seriously. It means the world. Explore a world of adrenaline-pumping action with collection of shooting games. Embark on thrilling adventures!

Thanks to Bungie for creating such an awesome game. Much of the footage, trailers, and videos are from their social channels, which you can find here:

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This video contains hundreds of videos from around the community, and their original sources are credited on screen within the video. Additionally, I’d also like to give special thanks to the following people:
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Special thanks to Dan Miller for answering my questions about Bungie and the game’s early development. https://twitter.com/dmiller360
Shoutout to Datto for covering this game so consistently over the years with high quality footage of every release. An absolute legend in this community. https://www.youtube.com/DattoDoesDestiny

0:00 Pre-Launch
4:35 Destiny 1 Alpha and Beta
7:19 Destiny 1 Launch
18:05 Year 1: The Dark Below
23:19 Project Orochi
24:22 Year 1: The House of Wolves
28:54 Year 2: The Taking King
42:58 Year 3: Rise of Iron
56:31 Destiny 2 Launch
1:03:03 Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris
1:06:41 Destiny 2: Warmind
1:10:48 Destiny 2: Forsaken
1:31:32 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
1:43:10 Destiny 2: Beyond Light
2:00:45 Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
2:14:55 Destiny 2: Lightfall

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