Sniper Elite III Review


Sniper Elite III Review

Sniper Elite III can be a chore, but its gleeful X-ray kills help make up for its deficiencies.

Review – Sniper Elite III

In this review, I take a look at the third game in the Sniper Elite series and the follow-up to Sniper Elite V2.

ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) – Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

You can grab this game on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/238090/?curator_clanid=1563722

Thanks to Garuu for the score card!

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5 things Sniper Elite 3 does better than Sniper Elite 4 (which I hope to see in Sniper Elite 5)

Sniper Elite 4 might be better than Sniper Elite 3 but there’s a few things Sniper Elite 3 does better (and i hope to see in Sniper Elite 5).

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AngryJoe Plays Sniper Elite III

Grab Sniper Elite Here: http://bit.ly/1qBZe8Z
AngryJoe & OtherJoe join up as Snipers in World War II in Sniper Elite III, watch as we crush skulls, explode eye balls and shred livers with our BULLETTS!! Get your finger ready to shoot in Krunker and start the game.

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Sniper Elite 3 Video Game Review

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Angry Centaur Games Write Up
Sniper Elite III is a tactical shooter video the title takes players to the unforgiving yet exotic terrain of WWII’s North Africa conflict in a battle against a deadly new foe. This is Ball hunting at its best. Sure you can shoot enemies elsewhere but WHY?
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