StarCraft 64 Cheats For Nintendo 64


StarCraft 64 Cheats For Nintendo 64

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StarCraft 64 – Nintendo 64 – Exclusives N64 tutorial missions & mission 2 gameplay [HD 1080p 60fps]

Captured directly from a NTSC Nintendo 64 with the 4MB RAM expansion inserted, using S-Video via an upscaler in order for it to work with an Elgato HD60 Pro. An American cartridge of StarCraft 64 was used for this capture.

Quite why or how the classic PC real time strategy games was chosen to be ported to the Nintendo 64 in its dying days is a question only Blizzard can answer. Some rumours suggest it started life as a PlayStation port before being moved to the Nintendo 64, then you have to ask why it wasn’t ported to the Dreamcast instead which could have done a perfect port. The end result being a limited release in the USA and a very small PAL release in Australia only, all the more strange as RTS games traditionally do best in Europe.

Now you would expect it to be a pretty awful port in every sense of the word, but in fact it ends up being incredibly close to the PC original and its expansion Brood War. There are cuts almost all the voice dialogue is gone, along with the net play and the animated cutscenes are changed to still pictures, apart from the opening intro which is heavily shortened. A number of the music tracks have also been dropped and you can’t create your own levels either. However to make up for these losses the N64 includes the entire content of both story campaigns for StarCraft & Brood War. A new split screen two player mode and an all new hidden story mission to go with it. It also includes two brand new tutorial missions which replace the terrible tutorial mission in the original game. Both new tutorial missions are included in this video as is one of the early story missions. The new control scheme holds up well and some of the improvements actually better the PC original, but there are also some issues due to the lack of hot keys and moving large numbers of troops is a bit cumbersome.

Both the two player mode and the Brood War campaign require you have the N64 RAM expansion, so make sure you have one before purchasing a copy. If you are a RTS fan this is a must buy as it is an excellent conversion of a classic PC game, just be warned it’s not easy to find due to having a limited print run.

StarCraft 64 isn’t a true 60fps in fact most of the game runs at 30fps in RTS mode only the front menu seems to be 60fps. So future video will be 30fps.


Release: 2000
Developer: Mass Media / Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Nintendo / 任天堂
Format: Nintendo 64 (N64) / ニンテンドー64

Also known as: スタークラフト64 (Japanese title) 스타크래프트 64 (Korean title)

StarCraft 64 is not available on any other format, but you can still purchase the PC original available from Blizzard.

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CRAZY Starcraft skills…..ON NINTENDO 64?!?!

All Upgrades cheat – Starcraft n64

Episode 1, Terran Mission 4, The Jacobs Installation

Send ONLY Jim Raynor up the hall following the left wall (not shooting anything) make turn right at the first doors. Make him walk down that hall (press C-Right) you should come across a Civilian in Orange DONT SHOOT HIM he should talk to you. Send all your men through the doors including Raynor kill all the Goliaths then walk up the stairs you should have the cheat.

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